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Veritas Wins Big at Math Olympics

Our students applied excellent effort and achieved great results in this year's Math Olympics. 36 Veritas students competed in 3rd - 8th grade against 10 other regional Christian schools. Six students from each grade level were selected to compete in two different categories: computation and reasoning. We are so proud of all our competitors!

3rd Grade:

Computation: 3rd Place - Tobias L. and 4th Place - Chelsea Z.

Reasoning: 1st Place - Mai Mai G.

4th Grade:

Computation: 2nd Place - Joshua R. and 4th Place - Malachi R.

Reasoning: 5th Place - Samantha L.

5th Grade

Computation: 1st Place - Daniel P.

Reasoning: 1st Place - Brandon Ni and 2nd Place - Caleb L.

6th Grade:

Computation: 3rd Place - Caleb D.

Reasoning: 1st Place - Jayden X, 2nd Place - Andrew Z. and 5th Place - Zach C.

7th Grade:

Computation: 2nd Place - Joelle W. and 5th Place - Charis L

Reasoning: 2nd Place - Jaden H and 3rd Place - George E

8th Grade:

Computation: 1st Place - Kevin K., 2nd Place - Anyssa L, and 3rd Place - Cesar C

Reasoning:1st Place - Eli C., 3rd Place - Lulu D., and 4th Place - Jeremiah R.

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