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Extended Day Programs

Stay & Play to Enrich your Day

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Music/Middle School Sports Info Below

Music Lesson in Partnership with PAC

Veritas is pleased to continue our partnership with the Performing Arts Center of Metrowest (PAC), allowing us to offer on-site private music instruction after school beginning in early September!

"There are numerous social, emotional, and educational benefits of learning to play an instrument or sing. The results can be life-changing. It takes concentration, patience, discipline, and perseverance to play an instrument. Playing music helps students meet and work with new people and learn about amazing cultures around the world. Playing an instrument helps with math and schoolwork and improves motor skills and coordination. A sense of achievement, accomplishment, and self-discovery are all realized when performing – for either a teacher or in front of a group. Private lessons provide greater accountability, individualized instruction and attention, increased motivation, and more opportunity for greater success.  Private Lessons offer any child the best musical education."  

Michele Adams, Executive Director PAC

Middle School Sports

2023/24 Offerings

Fall: Soccer & Cross Country 

Winter: Wayland YBA - Grades 5/6 and 7/8 Teams

Spring: Baseball and Track - See enrichment news!

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