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The same excellent school, with a program distinctly designed for our littlest friends!

Veritas Christian Academy has partnered Elmwood Christian Preschool in Wellesley to become Veritas at Elmwood. The best of both schools, awaits your child. Choosing your child's first school is a big decision, and we would love to help you explore the incredible ways your child will grow at Veritas at Elmwood.

We have a 3 year old class serving children 2.9+, a 4 year old class, and a Transitional Kindergarten class. 

At Veritas, we believe that a love of learning, and a love for Jesus can begin as early as preschool.

As we help our little ones feel secure in Jesus’ love, they learn to recognize the wonder of God in the world around them. We empower our little learners to find their own voice by establishing trusting, respectful relationships that nurture children’s responsibility and joy in their learning.


The activity choices awaiting our learners are carefully crafted to meet multiple learning styles to spark social, intellectual and spiritual growth. Children learn through play, and our environment is designed to ignite their curiosity and draw them towards discovery. The Saxon Math curriculum develops basic mathematics and problem-solving skills through manipulatives, logic and games. A literature-rich environment with daily read-alouds nurtures a love of reading, while Wilson Fundations introduces letter sounds and phonics through songs and movement. “Lunch Bunch”, group activities, and free play help foster key social skills, manners, conflict resolution, and good citizenship. Preschoolers will love to play and explore in our bright rooms, gym, and spacious outdoor area.

All in a day...

Devotions/ Morning Meeting

Free Play Time

Saxon Math

Wilson Fundations

Snack Time

Book Exploration

Group Story Time

Themed Projects


Recess/Outdoor Play

Rest Time

Enrichment Rotation of:

  • Science, Music Together, Art, Logic, Dramatic Play, Physical Education, Outdoor Classroom

Core Day
Full Day
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Veritas at Elmwood offers a three year old class serving students ages 2.9+, a Pre-Kindergarten 4 (PK), and Transitional Kindergarten (TK). Our PK class is designed for 4 year olds, perhaps their first foray into a school environment. Our TK class is designed for children who are ready for a Kindergarten curriculum, but may need a little more time to mature socially or emotionally. Both classes have Core Day and Full Day options, and children from either class who meet the age requirement are able to move into Kindergarten the following year.

You may choose Core Day (8:45-1:30pm) or Full Day (8:45-2:45pm) for both PK and TK classes.

PK may select 4 day week. TK is a 5 day a week program. The chart below has pricing for both Elmwood programs, Veritas at Elmwood, and Stay Day. We know the choices may feel overwhelming. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

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Stay Day

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