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Kindergarten - Grade 2
A strong curriculum invites student exploration and builds mastery

At Veritas, our littlest learners enter a warm school environment designed to pique their curiosity and to draw them into activities which build their confidence through mastery of basic skills. Using Saxon Math and Wilson Fundations Phonics Curricula as a foundation, teachers create a structured multi-sensory approach to learning using manipulatives, games and visual models to build confidence by seeing, repeating, and doing. Time is set aside for logic and patterning games and for problem solving and modeling in Science - activities such as making ice cream, creating a working 3-D model of the human body or dissecting owl pellets. Every activity is designed to elicit wonder; discussions about God naturally make their way into every part of the day. These years are also a critical time to introduce students to Music, and Art fundamentals. The program offers plenty of time for outdoor play, creativity and games.


Grades 3 - 5
An activity-rich environment for investigation and collaboration

Our elementary learners firmly establish math and reading fluency while working in a hands-on, "can-do" setting. Guided book studies and clubs nurture budding readers until they experience the magic of losing themselves in a book. Latin anchors their grasp of language and vocabulary. Study and organizational skills take root. Classrooms buzz with excitement as students learn through their own industry and the fun of doing. Whether assembling circuits, presenting biographies in costume, or making 3D maps of the Indus River Valley, students experience a tangible sense of accomplishment. Teachers lay the foundation for higher level reasoning through logic games, chess, and increasingly complex inference questions. The atmosphere of truth-seeking extends to conversations about God, allowing faith to blossom in the safety of the classroom.

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