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to Veritas Christian Academy

In 2010, Veritas was founded with great joy by a group of families and board of directors. Our vision was to build a school with excellent academics, as well as a foundation of biblical truth. Our goal was to prepare our students to succeed in life by giving them a deep intellectual and spiritual foundation. Through abundant blessings from God and a few well-timed miracles, we opened the doors of Veritas in the fall of 2010.

As a parents, as well as administrators, let us share the things we love most about our school:

Veritas is a school where:

  • every teacher truly believes each child is perfectly and wonderfully created by God

  • “service” is not a project or a monthly activity, but instead a way of life

  • junior high students are often late to lunch because they’re deep in conversation with their teachers about apologetics or economics

  • students feel confident and eager to ask questions, take risks, and challenge themselves

  • science is not a threat to our faith, but instead reinforces our understanding of a mighty and awesome Creator

  • there are small class sizes where everyone is given individual attention by a teacher who truly understands how each student learns best

  • students understand that doing their best in each and every area is glorifying to God 

  • students can’t wait to return after summer breaks, winter vacations, and even Monday mornings, because learning is FUN!

Knowledge and Truth
The name “Veritas” means truth. In today's world, where an incredible amount of information is at our fingertips, it is more important than ever to distinguish between knowledge and truth. Every day, we try to teach our students that knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledge and truth must go hand-in-hand. 

Every year, our graduates return to Veritas and tell us that there’s something wonderful and unique about our school that can’t be replicated. What they miss most is the close friendships with both staff and students and the feeling of always belonging. They remind us to recognize and appreciate the blessing and miracle of Veritas. We are thankful everyday that our own children had the opportunity to attend such a life-changing school.


Lisa Gerdes, Principal/Founder

Cindy Wellman, Executive Director/Founder

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