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Veritas means truth, and together we are on a mission
to develop in our students an authentic faith in Christ, an unconditional love for all people, and the ability to reason
through the complex problems of this world.

We are pursuing excellence through faith, love, and reason,
cultivating truth seekers, with resilient souls, who unconditionally love, have teachable hearts, and rise to high expectations.
Veritas teaches students how to think, not what to think.

Welcome to Veritas,


Veritas Christian Academy is a distinct community that is equally passionate about cultivating inquiring minds, authentic faith and compassionate hearts. Veritas Christian Academy is committed to providing a curriculum that is uniquely designed to join what are commonly viewed as opposing approaches: 

  • Cultivating authentic faith 

while leaving room for critical thinking, inquiry and exploration


  • Blending a classical foundation 

with a commitment to technological integration


  • Developing intellectual curiosity 

while cultivating wisdom and virtue


  • Challenging students through curriculum that is results-oriented yet process-driven

  • Creating an environment which protects innocence

while also introducing students to the needs of the world 

  • Empowering competent student leaders 

while nurturing servant hearts

  • A school large enough to offer accelerated levels

yet small enough to know each child

Every year, our graduates return to Veritas and tell us that there’s something wonderful and unique about our school that can’t be replicated. What they miss most is the close friendships with both staff and students and the feeling of always belonging. They remind us to recognize and appreciate the blessing and miracle of Veritas. We are thankful every day that our own children had the opportunity to attend such a life-changing school.

For His Kingdom

Lisa Gerdes, Principal/Founder

Cindy Wellman, Executive Director/Founder

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