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Veritas Basketball Teams Excels in Wayland YBA Season

The Veritas Basketball Athletic season has ended with an incredible and impressive showing! The 7th/8th GradesTeam ended in 1st place and the Grades 5th/6th Team ended in 2nd place after two tough championship finals this weekend, the last one ending 20-21!

Best of all were the words of Coach Jordan, who said "This is the most resilient team of players I have ever coached! Most came in never having played before and learned how to play!" He also said he was so proud of how they reacted to their loss today and a Wayland representative came over again to say they saw what he was doing, in subbing faithfully, no matter what was happening on the court. Again and again, officials, referees and coaches have seen the emphasis be on teamwork and building children, rather than fighting for a win. Well done Veritas team! Well done Coach Jordan!

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