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This year's Truly Summer extension program was Truly Awesome!

Take a look at the fun our campers had:

To start each day, Truly Summer campers were led through devotions by Veritas staff to emphasize the importance faith in the midst of play.

For the rest of the morning, kids participated in scheduled activities that they chose in advance, such as to cooking with fire, ukulele, improv, archery, sculpture, and more. These choices were part of their set schedule each day so they knew what they had to look forward to every day they came in.

In the afternoons, kids were given on-the-spot choices for spontaneous fun that changed each day, like playing with chalk and bubbles, running through sprinklers, creating arts and crafts, playing games, hunting for bugs, and going on hikes!

For additional fun, families were given the opportunity to sign up for offsite adventures to add variety and excitement to their week, such as going to the beach, indoor rock climbing and fishing!

At the end of each session, we celebrated by having time for performances, competitions, art exhibitions, and slip and slide fun!

Here are some highlights from the program:

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