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Students visit Sunrise Senior Living Facility

Accompanied by Bridgette Klefeker and Lisa Cerci, one of our 6th Grade homerooms visited Sunrise Senior Living Facility in Wayland on April 6th.

A group of students played Bingo and board games with the residents, helping to teach the games, as they were playing. Those who were playing Bingo called out numbers, helped residents find the numbers on their boards, and really livened up the whole activity. They also made sure to get to know their elderly friends by asking them specific questions and really listening while they answered.

Simultaneously, a second group of girls painted residents’ nails, getting to know their “clients” by laughing with them, telling jokes, sharing stories, and asking good questions. They really made the residents’ day (and ALSO did a WONDERFUL job painting nails!)

Two other girls sat down with a resident and asked him questions about his life experiences and how they shaped him into the person he is today. They took notes on what he shared with them; their conversation seemed so natural that they looked as if they had always known each other.

“Lisa (Cerci) and I were BLOWN AWAY by the leadership and initiative taken by students”, said Ms. Klefeker.” They were absolute trailblazers in being the first group all year to volunteer in person somewhere and they were truly exemplary. Many of them had to navigate helping seniors in different activities while making small talk and getting to know the seniors they were with. I am beyond proud of them. We are looking forward to visiting Sunrise again in the future!”

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