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Pi Day Fun

5th-8th Grade Celebrate Pi Day Pi Day is a day to celebrate “Pie” or, as our 5th-8th graders celebrated it, sweet or savory round delicacies which could include pie, cookies, or pizza, as long as they were round.

While students ate their treats, they measured circumferences and diameters to show that the constant Pi (Circumference divided by diameter) holds true for any circle. Classes also held a competition to memorize as many digits of Pi as possible, trying to learn over 100 digits. For those who may forget what is is like to be 10-14 year olds with incredible memories, their accomplishment is astounding.

Winners in Math 76: Caleb (90 digits), Teni (71 digits), Danny (51 digits)

Winners in Math 87: Naomi (100 digits), Abby (76 digits), Elijah (52 digits)

Winners in Pre-Algebra: Lulu (65 digits), Sloan (3 digits), Cesar (31 digits)

Algebra I: Anna (101 digits), Olivia (73 digits), Grace (34 digits)

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