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NYC from NH - 5th Grade Retreat

“Veritas Students, what's the word? HOOO-NOR! 5th Graders, what's the verse? Honor one another, above yourselves, Romans 12:10” This was the beginning of the cheer that was done at every session during the 5th Grade Retreat to Camp Brookwoods in Alton, NH. The students did a great job engaging in activities, bible stories, teaching and team builders all focused on God's vision for treating others as special, doing more than what's expected and having a good attitude. Along with learning about honor, the students got to immediately practice honoring each other as they enjoyed delicious meals together, lots of time playing ping-pong, pool and foosball in the game room, an epic game of capture the flag, origami and drawing crafts, card games and a movie night featuring Night at the Museum in the camp's movie theater.

On the academic side the kids were taken on two virtual museum tours. The 9/11 museum tour walked them through the tragic losses and the resilient responses that surrounded the attacks. Then Rebecca Gerdes, daughter of our own Lisa Gerdes, used her archaeological expertise to virtually highlight some of the countless gems found throughout the Met in NYC. The trip was then capped off with a pilgrimage to Chick Fil A where everyone enjoyed lunch and ice cream cones for all in celebration of Mrs. Shippey's birthday. Many thanks to the amazing chaperones - Michelle Choi, Christine Chan, Kim Swanson, Steven Schoeffler, Ian Lane and Brian Dietz - and incredible staff - Jodi Shippey, Heidi Rideout, Cindy Wellman and Bethany Carnes - for creating an outstanding experience for our wonderful 5th graders!

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