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Nancy Reid Honored with National Teacher of the Year Award!

This September, Veritas was thrilled to learn that our very own Nancy Reid was named a National Teacher of the Year by the Herzog Foundation. We have always known how special Nancy is and we couldn’t be more excited to share this honor with her, and now with you.

For Nancy, becoming an educator was not simply an employment decision, but also the fulfillment of God’s calling for her life. During her 13 years at Veritas, countless students, families, and staff have had the privilege of seeing this conviction put into practice.

Nancy’s commitment to explore the subjects of Biology, Physics, and Earth Science with her students is motivated by the hope they might more fully understand and appreciate our Creator, discovering everywhere the fingerprints of God - from the largest objects in our solar system down to the smallest molecular machines in our bodies.

As Nancy leads her students on a journey through science, she challenges both their minds and their faith. In her class, students are no longer allowed to blindly believe in God or gravity.

They must use their intellect, think critically, ask difficult questions, discover evidence, and come to logical conclusions about what they believe.

Through hands-on dissections, inventions, and experiments, her students uncover the miracles of anatomy and discover beauty in our natural world.

Below is a short video in Nancy’s own words regarding the importance of allowing scientific understanding to strengthen the faith of our students. Scan the QR code to listen to Nancy.

Take a minute to watch how Nancy was honored at the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.

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