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Living Museum- 4th grade Historical Biographies

4th Grade Biographies help students discover the beauty of History.

One of the highlights to being in 4th grade is learning about and presenting a character from America’s history.

This project is much more than reading and reporting on a book. Students are asked some important questions. What was your characters’ childhood like? What qualities and character traits did their person have while growing up? What did they accomplish and what influence did they have on their society - and specifically, on the state of Massachusetts?

On January 31st, students dressed up as their character, brought a prop and presented their book report before their peers and their family on zoom. Students, staff, and parents learned about politicians like John Adams and John F Kennedy, writers and poets like Dr. Seuss, Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson, soldiers like Deborah Samson, preachers like D.L.J Moody and Jonathan Edwards, activists like Susan B. Anthony, humanitarians like Clara Barton, anti-slavery icons like Crispus Attucks, and influential women like Abigail Adams.

This year was particularly notable for the number of characters who played a role in emancipation, voting rights for women, and women’s rights. Many students also made a point of saying that one of the best things about this project was that it made them interested in history and want to read more. What a beautiful way to help history come alive!

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