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Fifth Graders revel in bringing Ancient History to Life

Becky Jarrett, 5th Grade Humanities teacher and new to Veritas this year recently shared her joy at finding students so passionate about her teaching. She wrote:

I was watching my Ancient History students play the Game of Ur today. It's a game that's more than 5,000 years old. There's evidence that Moses may have played it, and even Abraham.

The students were so engaged! They were comparing this game to modern games and wondering about the connections. We talked about who may have played it throughout history and talked about the tournaments that still happen today.They were working together to follow the rules, and of course they were fiercely competitive.

As I watched, I found myself so profoundly grateful to be teaching this way and I am thrilled to be able to engage my students with hands-on experiences.

Thank you for bringing me on to VCA. I am always happy to be at work in my classroom, doing, as I say "something awesome every day."

We LOVE that our teachers LOVE to teach!

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