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Biome Research Projects by 4th Grade

Each 4th grade student researched a Biome of their choice: the Desert, Rainforest, the Tundra, the temperate Forest, the Taiga (Boreal Forest), the Grasslands, and the Savanna. Students also chose to specialize in certain areas of the world. For example, some researched the Black Forest or the Mojave Desert, as opposed to the Sahara Desert. For each Biome, students researched key plants and animals native to that Biome, the unique food chain in that region, and the unique adaptation of these animals and plants to their environments.

This is a great learning opportunity for students to research and understand the link between a habitat and those living in that habitat. It also teaches them to organize their research into a trifold poster to make it visually accessible to visitors, and to learn to present it to their many visitors. Mrs. Fischer expertly guided the students as visitors entered the room, reminding them to change the vocabulary and content of the presentation to adapt it to the age of the visitors - for example, learning to present to 1st grade students as opposed to administrators.

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