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Annual Soccer Game: Veritas vs. Imago

VERITAS AND IMAGO FACED OFF LAST FRIDAY The 7th and 8th grade competed this past Friday, October 22 in their annual soccer game against Imago. Coach Asher Gray summarized the game this way:

It was two years ago that we last played The Imago School of Maynard, but there was no rust for Veritas and the team came out ready to play. Led by nine 8th graders, the Veritas team had experience and boldness out of the gates. They fought hard and scored multiple goals within the first 10 minutes, setting a trend for the rest of the game. The 7th graders were not to be outdone, scoring multiple goals in the first half as well. Ending the half at 6-1, the team settled in and held up the defense and finished the game with a 7 - 1 victory.

While the score was very high, the best part was the excellent sportsmanship practiced by Coach Gray and his players. Coach Gray steadily subbed and moved his players to every position, to make sure EVERYONE had a chance to really be part of the game and to make sure the game remained competitive.The more experienced players on the team exhibited excellent sportsmanship by passing to everyone, and those who were less experienced threw themselves into the game with courage and a great attitude. Students who had never played soccer before got on the field and started taking the ball downfield or stealing the ball from the other team. It was a day to be proud of our Middle School! Go Veritas!

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