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Alumni Spotlight: Amani Wins On & Off the Court!

Updated: May 2, 2022

Veritas alum 2018 Amani Kimiti led the Maynard High School Basketball team to a Division 5 Championship. As one of the team's senior captains, he knows what a great achievement it is for a small school to rise up and defend its position against larger teams in other divisions. This championship win is a reflection of the team's discipline - highlighting that teamwork skills bring success on the court and that living with character brings success off the court.

Amani has accepted UMass Amherst's offer to study Broadcast Journalism, with a concentration in Sports and Political Science. Amani's Broadcast/Communications video was recently awarded the 2021 MIAA Sportsmanship award and grand prize for demonstrating the inclusivity of the sportsmanship culture at Maynard High School. His video highlights that working together, having a common goal, and uplifting all players are all themes at the core of sports.

Congratulations Amani! We can't wait to see what you do with your talents!

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