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ALUMNI FEATURE: Making a Global Impact

At Veritas, we are proud to provide an educational foundation that inspires students to make a positive impact on their world. Grounded in a knowledge that “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19), students are encouraged to tackle the complexities of today’s world with faith, love, and reason.

Meet Arielle Chin, Veritas Class of 2020 and current senior at Algonquin Regional High School. Arielle is the founder of Worth a Life Ghana, an organization dedicated to providing services and opportunities for Ghanaian students to explore their interests inside and outside the classroom.

Over the next year, we look forward to partnering with Worth a Life Ghana to support their important work and continue educating our students about global needs.

Arielle Chin, Executive Director and Founder, Worth a Life Ghana

This past summer, I went to Ghana for a month-long volunteer and internship experience in the healthcare, human rights, and law sectors. While on outreach trips in rural community villages, I witnessed the lack of educational material and opportunities Ghanaian school children had to explore different interests. I wanted to create an organization where children could have access to a quality education along with enrichment activities in the arts, STEM, and sports, allowing them to cultivate their creativity and curiosity. Worth a Life Ghana strives to implement campaigns and community based programs that can make a positive impact in these children’s lives and show them that the world is filled with endless opportunities for them to explore.

Veritas taught me critical thinking skills and prepared me for my work in Ghana because I learned so much about how to be open-minded, push the boundaries, and always do good for others. My Faith-in-Action class inspired me to spread acts of kindness and make an impact greater than myself through service. My teachers and classmates encouraged me to seek solutions to problems I see in today’s society and to be at the forefront of any social issue I feel passionate about. I want to thank all of my teachers and mentors at Veritas who always believed in me and created a welcoming environment for me as a student. You have taught me what it means to live life serving others.

The Veritas Core Value that stands out to me is “Resilient Souls.” From founding Worth a Life Ghana to distributing donations, our team required resilience to launch each partnership with community organizations in Ghana. Being able to see our organization grow from just a few members to a worldwide network is truly a blessing from God.

To learn more about Arielle's work at Worth a Life Ghana, follow @worthalifeghana

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