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...3...2...1...Rocket Design and Launch!

Mr. Dancer and Mrs. Reid planned a fantastic Rocket Design and Launch event last Friday afternoon, April 8! The 6th and 8th grade students designed rockets and tested the effectiveness of their designs by launching them to see which rocket went the farthest. Grade 6B had a particularly good day, with the highest average distance of 32.5 yards. The 8th graders averaged 27.7 yards and the 6A class averaged 27.25 yards.

Below are the confirmed distances of rockets that touched down (not struck a tree):

By class:

8th: 1. Mason, 66 yards; 2. Josie, 40 yards; 3. Jeffery, 39 yards

6A: 1. Jaden, 39 yards; 2. Naomi, 33 yards; 3. Charis/Joelle(tied), 32 yards

6B: 1. Chloe, 59 yards; 2. Violet, 52 yards; 3. Sky, 42 yards

Overall top 3 distances, across all classes:

1. Mason, 66 yards

2. Chloe, 59 yards

3. Violet, 52 yards

Special awards/mentions:

1. Noah in 6A for fin design.

2. George in 6B for nose design and best "stuck in a tree" flight. (Mr. Dancer checked his rocket on Saturday, and is almost certain his flight would have equaled or bested top distances.)

3. The "busted rocket" award goes to Zach in 6B for blowing up at launch and achieving the shortest distance of 3 yards.

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