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Life at Veritas is unique. It is a special place where faith and learning can grow side by side. To foster this growth,

we have intentionally designed a rich environment that focuses on: 


Our spiritual life is not compartmentalized here at Veritas. We seek to weave together faith and learning during a student's time here. Teachers lead devotions and pray each morning. Our weekly Chapel worship time is led by students. Sports teams pray. Students serve. Teachers act as role models.

As students grow, so does their understanding of what it means to be a person of faith. Elementary students learn about the basics of Christianity in Bible class, devotions, history, and literature. They memorize Scripture and become familiar with the great stories of our faith. 

In junior high, students study Logic, Debate, and Christian Apologetics. Classes in Spiritual Formation and World Religions are also added. Students encounter the arguments against faith that they will hear in high school and college and learn to think through them critically.


Veritas is a close-knit community, where deep friendships are formed. It is a family, where parents know each other and get together outside of school. To encourage these relationships, we intentionally plan family activities, starting with a fun Ice Cream social for new families before the start of the school year, and continuing with:​

  • Fall Festival

  • End-of-the-year potluck dinner

  • Family ice skating 


Our goal at Veritas is to give students a solid foundation so that, when they graduate, they know who they are and what they believe. To prepare them to be leaders in high school and beyond, we help them build a solid base of self-confidence, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and spiritual knowledge. That way, when they enter high school, they will be well-equipped to wrestle with the big questions — who am I, where am I going, and how do I fit in to God's plan?

We offer many ways for students to get involved and stretch their limits:

  • Chapel buddy mentoring program pairing junior high students with grade school students

  • Winter and Spring musical performance

  • After school sports

  • Thanksgiving food drive

  • Christmas caroling at a local assisted-living home

  • Science Fair

  • Student Council 

  • My Neighbor initiative to encourage servant leadership

  • Student-led fundraisers for class trips, local and international missions

  • Class-initiated service projects

  • Advising for Middle School students