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Run for the Future 2022 Highlights

Fundraising Resources

Login in Tutorial 2023​

Sample Student Video for Page



My child didn’t receive a confirmation email, what do I do? Your student is still registered with Qgiv. Go to the login page, request a password reset to your youngest child’s email. You should receive an email with a PW reset link. Create a new password and login to the dashboard. If this doesn’t work, please email

Does my child need to register for the run? No, your child or children have been pre-registered by Veritas.


My child forgot their password. Request a password reset on the login page. You will receive a new email with a link to reset. We recommend keeping the pw simple ie., lastname2023


I am receiving error codes from Qgiv, what do I do? Qgiv is occassionally grumpy with Chrome. So 1. try another browser 2. Log out and click to log back in from the email containing "my fundraising dashboard" button. 3. email

Can we use the Google login button? No, this year students must use their school email and a pw they created upon registration confirmation.


When are prizes handed out? The prize week is Wednesday - Wednesday at noon, and all prizes will be awarded on Fridays for the previous week. The exception will be Dress Down Pass. Once the student receives the virtual badge in their account, they may begin dressing down. Students may no dress down on Chapel days. Final prizes and raffles will be on the last day.

How do family teams work? All siblings are required to be a team this year. They will share an account login (the youngest siblings email). They can work together to make a video, or write their donor letter. Each student could write their own paragraph. All siblings should be able to login to the page using the youngest child’s email and remember to share the pw with each other.


How do the prizes for family teams work? Money donations will be divided evenly amongst the children. Family of 2 raises $1200, each student receives credit for $600. Each student in a family will receive credit for every donor for prizes ie. Family of 3 found 10 donors, all 3 children will receive a prize bucket pick. The only exception is with raffle tickets. Family groups will receive 1 ticket per donor.


How does the Dress Down Pass work? Students LOVE this prize. In order to earn a dress down pass students must find 20 donors, or raise over $500 with a minimum of 5 donors. Once this is achieved, students will be issued a virtual badge confirming they can dress down for the rest of the year. There is one exception: Students may not dress down for Chapel days.


Are donations per lap or fixed? All donations are a flat donation.


I want to make a large impact gift, should I use Qgiv? We love this question! Please reach out to Cindy Wellman. Qgiv is not the best method for making these types of gifts because of the fees associated. We will help you make


What if we don’t feel comfortable asking for donations? Our students are so creative. In the past, we have had students sell package and the eggs they collect from their chickens, or set-up a lemonade stand. We’ve had students donated their own piggy banks filled with coins. There are plenty of creative ways students can participate. We love to see their entrepreneurial skills blossom!

2021 RFTF Highlights

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