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Snorkeling in the Keys with 7th Grade

Enjoy this Journal Entry from our 7th grade Florida Keys Marine Biology Trip:

Day Two Summary: We started off today with breakfast before heading off to our first snorkel of the day - a coral reef snorkel! The morning was a little overcast but I think students appreciated not having the sun beating down on us. We took about a half hour boat ride to our first spot - a little bumpy but when we arrived at our destination students got to experience a guided snorkel around the reef. All students went in and braved the choppy waters! They were rewarded with colorful reefs, a world of fishies, and some astounding spotted eagle rays. After this snorkel, students were rather tired but after getting in some lunch and having some down time, they were ready to go for the next snorkel! However, before we went on our 2nd snorkel of the day, students got to interview, via Zoom, the scientist that is living in the underground hotel mentioned earlier in this email! They had some very thoughtful questions for the scientist and were very fascinated with his experience! I will attach a link below to read about the experiment if you are interested! :)

After the Zoom, students went on another snorkel to the Florida Everglades to swim among the mangroves. This snorkel was MUCH more relaxed without very calm waters where students were able to float on the surface of the water trying to look for starfish, seagrass, coral, and lots of other sea life living among the grass and roots of the mangroves! After the snorkel, our instructors were able to collect various sea life items that students were able to touch and look at closely.

After our snorkel, students quickly showered, ate dinner, and we are currently sitting in a class on fish identification - I am surrounded by laughing students, excited to demonstrate all of our knowledge!

Bragging moment alert: For almost all students, this has been their first time snorkeling. It is NOT easy and really takes some getting used to. They are taking this new experience in stride and persevering through all challenges! I am so proud of them and know this is an unforgettable experience for all - in a good way.

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