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Middle School Campus - Phase I 

Prospective Project Timeline:

Please note this timeline is subject to change as the Building Committee and architect continue to develop the site plans. 

Goal: Educational and creative spaces to maximize exploration and inquiry

This phase of the new campus is designed with our oldest students in mind. The spaces will reflect the best principles of a Veritas education – classrooms, labs, and creative spaces to inspire learning and community.



  • Renovation of lower house (172) for classrooms, art studios, and science & innovation labs

  • Renovation of upper house (164) for collaborative learning space, staff offices, event space


Site Work & Pre-construction

  • Site work for new campus road, parking lot, utilities, drainage, etc.

  • Nature Walk/Outdoor Exploration Trails



  • Construction of 8th Grade schoolhouse 

  • Construction of 6th-7th Grade schoolhouse

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