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School Supplies – What should I buy?

Nothing, except a lunchbox and backpack.  We will provide all the things your child needs while in school: books, notebooks, pencils, pens, rulers, crayons, glue sticks, etc. Some kids have a favorite pen, pencil, etc. and may want to bring it to school, which is perfectly OK! However, bringing your own supplies is not required. (Supply fee covers all necessary school supplies).


Lunch – Do you offer a lunch program? 

We offer a lunch program provided by local vendors, including The Villa, George's Pizza, Chick-Fil-A. The meals are pre-purchased by semester. You choose which meals you would like to purchase for the week — meals run for the quarter. May students also bring a lunch from home. Be sure to include an ice pack if the food needs to stay cold, since refrigeration is not available. Also, please include any eating utensils that your child might need (forks, spoons, etc.). 


Does Veritas have a Nut Policy? Yes! 

  • For all grades TK-8, no nuts are permitted in snacks, lunches, during field trips, or school-wide events.

    • Products that contain nuts are NOT allowed. This means the product itself is made with a nut or nut product/butter. 

    • Products that do not contain nuts but have cross-contamination warning labels about shared processing areas ARE allowed. Some of the cross contamination warning labels you typically seen on food labels can include:

      • “manufactured/processed on shared equipment with nuts”

      • “manufactured/processed in a facility that processes nuts”

      • “may contain nuts”

  • All grades and all lunches have nut free tables in the cafeteria.

  • Students should eat only at designated snack times in middle school classrooms: 9:50, 1:35.

  • There is no eating at all in common areas especially during recess or dismissal.


Is there a Dress Code? 

We have three types of days at Veritas: - Regular uniform days (polo shirt) - Gym days (red Veritas T-shirt and navy sweatpants/shorts) - Chapel Thursdays (light blue Veritas shirt and tie/skirt/jumper) TIP: You'll receive your gym T-shirt at Back to School Night. You'll also receive your child's weekly schedule, so you'll know when your child has gym class. Feeling confused? Read our Dress Code and relax. Don't worry about making a mistake in the first week, while everyone is getting the hang of things. We understand and promise not to send anybody home if they're wearing the wrong clothes.


Drop-off and Pickup – How does it work?

We will explain this at Back to School Night, and in the All School Newsletters before the first day of school.

Snow Days – How do I know if Veritas is closed? 

We typically follow the Wayland Public Schools closings and delays. If WPS is closed or delayed, the same is generally true for Veritas. Families will be notified by text and email of closings as soon as possible but no later than 6:00 a.m. the day of the closing. Closings are also broadcast on FOX 25 WFXT, NECN, and Channel 5 WCVB


Sick Days – What do I do if my child is sick? 

Please report all absences to our Main Office, via email or phone. All students must be fever free 24hrs to return to school. Please see our sick policy in the student handbook for further details.


Do you offer Extended Care?

We offer a variety of extended care options for your family's convenience. Our early care begins at 7:30 am. In the afternoon, our regular aftercare goes until 5:30 pm. Although, any student may attend extended care on an as needed basis. Fees are charged monthly. Enrichment Activities are offered throughout the year as well. Fees for enrichment activities are per course. 


Homework – How much and how often?

Our homework policy is 10-15 minutes per grade. So, for example: Kindergarten: 10-15 minutes a night Grade 1/2: 20-30 minutes Grade 3/4: 30-45 minutes Grade 5/6: Up to one hour Grade 7/8: Up to an hour and a half If your child is exceeding these homework times, please discuss it with your child's main classroom teacher. TIP: You will have online access to your student's assignments and due dates via ParentsWeb. Use it to help your student remember and plan his/her work.


Volunteer Hours – How can I get involved?

Veritas values parent involvement and is intentionally designed to run with the assistance of our parents. Please contact VPA for ways to service the Veritas school community.

Have another questions? Give us a call, we would love to answer all your questions.

(508) - 653 -1188

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