Update for 2020-2021: Chapel attire not required for Fall of 2020. Spirit wear is moving to an online website to purchase as desired throughout the year. Look forward to this information coming soon. 



At Veritas we recognize wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity and community spirit, all while creating a level playing field among students, reducing peer pressure and bullying. We expect that all students, with the support of their family, will adhere to the dress code. Many stores now provide school uniform clothing, and it is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to ensure all clothing worn to school meets the dress code.

We recognize that God designed each child uniquely and clothing fits each student differently. Through our dress code policy, we strive to promote modesty, not legalism. Your support is most needed and appreciated as students will be held firmly to dress code standards. We would be happy to answer any further questions about our dress code. Please contact the office as needed. 


Students must wear shoes that are appropriate for daily recess. Flip flops and crocs are not to be worn. If the weather requires rain/ snow boots to be worn, it is expected that students will change into appropriate shoes during class. 


Occasionally, students will be rewarded with “dress-down days.” It is expected that students will still adhere to the basic principles of the dress code, ie. the length of shorts, no leggings without coverage of an appropriate length.


Snow Gear 

It is our goal to provide daily outdoor time year round, weather permitting. During the winter months, please make sure your student/s have: ○ Snow pants, Jacket, Snow boots, Hats, Gloves/ Mittens  You may choose to leave a set of winter gear in your students cubby/ locker to make it easier. 


Field Trips

 In general, students are required to wear their red Veritas t-shirt while on field trips. Students may wear jeans that adhere to the principles of the dress code. Teachers will specify any dress code requirements on permission slips. 


On Chapel days students are expected to wear a sweater during the day if they are cold. Veritas sweatshirts or fleeces may be worn on regular and gym days. Sweatshirts will be allowed after, not during, chapel.


Information on how to purchase Veritas sweatshirts and other Veritas Spirit Wear will be provided via newsletters.  Please contact Michelle Dean ( or Bethany Carnes ( for further information.