2020 - 2021

Health Records

Health Records

Allergy Action Plans


Health Forms Submitted via Family Portal including:

  • Current Physical - Dated within past 12 months

  • Immunization Record or signed Religious/ Medical Exemption

  • Allergy/ Asthma Action Plan submitted for any child with allergies and/ or asthma

  • Medication Distribution requires the following:

    • MD prescription signed by Doctor

    • Note signed by MD / Parent/s for OTC meds

    • Child's Name

    • Amount to administer, when and how

    • Medications/ Epi-pens/ inhalers etc must be in original containers labeled with the child's name



Important Dates


Remote Learner Policy: 

Moving Between Remote Learning and Hybrid Learning


In order for students, families, and staff to prepare for possible changes in learning, we are instituting the following schedule for those students that are currently fully remote learners that may wish to opt back into the hybrid model. Spots are saved for all students in their cohorts. The re-entry time for the hybrid model is at the beginning of each month. The deadline for notification to participate in the hybrid plan is five school days prior to the beginning of the month thus allowing the school a period of planning and adjustment. Please notify Lisa Gerdes and Michele Adams if you are currently a fully remote learner and wish to change to the hybrid option in October.


You may opt to move from hybrid to fully remote learning at any time.

Extended Care & Enrichment

Extended Care


Billing/ Payment

Extended Care

  • Before Care currently cancelled for Fall

  • After Care RSVP only: If you wish to reserve a spot in after care, contact Michele Adams for availability.

Enrichment Programs

  • Currently on hold until further notice


  • Extended Care, Enrichment, Camps are all billed via Kinderlime/ ProCare. If you plan to use any of these services, it will be required to set-up an account. We will issue further information on this as we roll out extended care RSVP system for the Fall. 

What to bring to school

School Supplies

  1. Mask to be worn when exiting car. Please send along or spare mask or teacher may request a second one be left at school. Acceptable masks are cloth or surgical. No bandanas, gaiters, scarves etc.

  2. Nut Free Lunch/ Snack (food cannot be reheated or refrigerated

  3. Water bottle (no glass): If a student forgets a water bottle, disposable water bottle will be provided and $2.50 will be charged to Smart Acct.

  4. Backpack, Headphones and Chromebook

  5. Weather appropriate clothing/ shoes/ boots/ jackets/ raincoats/ umbrellas etc. We will be going outside daily, even in light rain, cold

  6. Younger students will receive more info from classroom teachers of additional items ie. change of clothes