Veritas is strengthening its nut policy to a school-wide nut aware policy. New statistics released by the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organization show that the number of anaphylactic events at school are increasing. Specifically, anaphylactic events at school occur 46.6% in the classroom, 19.9% in the cafeteria, and 9.7% on the playground. Our school community recognizes the risks and is working toward policies that keep our students safe.


This policy requires that all lunches and snacks, during field trips or school wide events, in grades TK-8, whether supplied by Veritas or by parents, be nut-free in its ingredients. Snacks that were made in a factory which also processed other nut-containing foods are allowable.


  • Products that contain nuts are NOT allowed. This means the product itself is made with a nut or nut product/butter. 


  • Products that do not contain nuts but have cross-contamination warning labels about shared processing areas ARE allowed. Some of the cross-contamination warning labels you typically seen on food labels can include:


    • “manufactured/processed on shared equipment with nuts”

    • “manufactured/processed in a facility that processes nuts”

    • “may contain nuts”

  • All grades and all lunches have nut free tables in the cafeteria.

  • Students should eat only at designated snack times in middle school classrooms: 9:35, 1:35.

  • There is no eating at all in common areas especially during recess or dismissal.