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Pursuing Excellence in Science  * SEPTEMBER 2017 UPDATE *

We did it! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to complete our Science Lab in time for the 2017/2018 school year. We are extremely humbled and grateful for everyone who supported this project. We are especially grateful to Doug Sacra of Maple Hill Architects and Sterling Construction for all their hard work.

Our Building for the Future campaign enables us to keep science at the forefront of our curriculum. With new sinks, lighting, storage, and lab benches, our renovation has dramatically improved our students' learning experience. 

The science lab is pivotal to our vision. At Veritas, we celebrate science as one of the central features of our curriculum. We believe “all truth is God’s truth” (John Calvin) and therefore that faith and science must by nature be complementary, not contradictory. We are not afraid of science. We encourage our students to be curious, conversant about scientific theories, and unafraid to explore their ideas. What we teach must be relevant in today’s world. This is especially true for hot button topics like evolution.

It is imperative for Christians to critically examine the claims of science while seeing God’s greatness in creation. We want them to be able to correctly analyze and interpret data, to understand the design process and constraints involved in engineering. We want them to clearly articulate the evidence that informs views for and against evolution and to develop tools to evaluate geological time and theories, such as the Big Bang. Most of all, we want them to fall in love with science and marvel at what it reveals about God

In addition to the science lab, we completed other renovations in the summer of 2017: 

  • Skylights and lighting in the central classroom provided much-needed natural light and fresh air.
  • A new breakout room on the second floor allows us to continue our commitment to small classroom sizes for workshop classes.
  • Renovations to the bathrooms provide improvements for all our K-8 students 



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